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Brief Details About Regional Power System...

i) Southern regional grid is an electrical system comprising of 6,51,000 Sq. km of area with 5 States namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana and Union Territory of Pondicherry, Generating Stations at Central and State Sector, Independent Power producing stations, State DISCOMS and STUs etc.

ii) TThe Southern region has an installed capacity of 74367 MW as on 31/07/2016 with 30,347 MW in State Sector and 10490 MW in Central Sector and 33530 MW IPPs.

iii) The States are inter connected with each other through 765/400/220 kV network. Southern Region is connected to Western region through HVDC Back-to-back (2x500 MW) link at Bhadrawathi in WR and to Eastern regions through HVDC back-to-back link (2x500 MW) at Gazuwaka in SR and ±500 kV Bipolar HVDC link (2x1000 MW) from Talcher in ER to Kolar in SR as well as 765 kV 2 x Single Circuit Sholapur-Raichur Interconnector to facilitate exchange of power from surplus to deficit region / State as well as wheeling of power.

For the year 2015 – 16 had seen Southern Region in meeting a maximum demand of 40899 MW and average daily energy consumption of 780 MUs which are 7.3% and 4.7% respectively higher than the previous year. There was about 6800 MW generation addition during the year. During the year 2015-16 the Southern Region has witnessed a maximum consumption of energy of 929.57 MUs on 22nd March'16 (4.13% rise compared to 2014-15) and the maximum peak demand of 40899 MW on 21st March'16 (7.3% rise compared to 2014-15) as against the respective maximum values 892.70 MU and 38090 MW met last year.

Southern Region has met a maximum demand of 41,607 MW on 7th April 2016

Reliability, Security and Economy in Power Transmission
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