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    Scheduling     Open Access
            Web Based Scheduling             Web Based STOA Program
            Time Table             STOA Status Reports
            Declared Capability             Transfer Capability
            Entitlements                   Transfer Capability State
            Drawl Schedules                   Monthly ATC
            Despatch Schedules                   Congestion Monitoring System
            Inter Regional Schedules             SRLDC STOA Bank Account Details
            Unrequisitioned Surplus             Non-Concented STOA Applications
            Open Access Transactions             Curtailment Details
            PX Transactions             STOA Disbursement Details
            Implemented Schedules             Procedure for Scheduling Bilateral Transactions
            Summary             STOA Charges
                        Scheduling Loss
                        e-Bidding For Open Access Transactions
                        Procedure for Scheduling Collective Transactions
                        Scheduling of Bilateral Transactions
                             Procedure for scheduling of Bilateral transactions
                             Scheduling of Bilateral transactions Revised Format -I
                             Scheduling of Bilateral transactions Revised Format -VI

    Commercial     Reports
            SEM Logistics             Daily
            Share Allocation             Weekly
            Weekly Sem Data             Monthly
            Monthly OverDrawl/UnderInjection             Quarterly
            Bank Details of UI/Reactive/IRE/STOA/Congestion             Web Based Daily Report
            SRLDC FEE and Charges            
                  SRLDC FEE and Charges Order            
                  SRLDC User Details            
                  Bank Details for Remitting SRLDC Fees And Charges            
                  Applicable Transmission Loss            
                  CERC Orders for Sharing of Trasmission Charges and Losses            

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Reliability, Security and Economy in Power Transmission
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