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Unrequisitioned Surplus...


           SURPLUS SUMMARY             SURPLUS IN ISGS             SURPLUS IN STATES

Unrequisitioned surpluses are the surpluses available due to the total requisitions being lower than the total entitlement in some of the ISGSs. For getting the unrequisitioned surpluses scheduled :

The Unrequisitioned surplus capacity may be requisitioned through Bilateral agreements either with the concerned Generating Company or with the concerned Beneficiary(ies) through Day-Ahead/Current day Short Term Open Access Transactions.

The nomenclature of files under the link Surplus Summary  is:-

ut  dd  mm  yy  URS  .txt               

(where ut - Unrequistioned Surplus Summary,  dd - Date,  mm - Month,  yy - Year)  


The nomenclature of files under the link Surplus in ISGS  is:-

ug dd  mm  yy  URS   .txt               

(where  ug - Unrequistioned Surplus ISGS wise,  dd - Date,   mm - Month,  yy - Year)


The nomenclature of files under the link Surplus in States  is:-

us  dd  mm  yy  URS  .txt               

( where   us - Unrequistioned Surplus Statewise,  dd - Date,  mm - Month,  yy - Year) 

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